How to Wash Cashmere

Your sweaters By JENNIE LIU takes good care of your delicate skin. They take you through the harsh weather without adding any weight.

Over the time, you will need to take care of these sweaters as well. Is this something that you can do at home? We actually recommend that you do it yourself, it is simply the best way to care for your cashmere sweater made by JENNIE LIU. But be careful, sweaters may be made or finished differently among brands, so do not wash your cashmere sweaters from other brands before consulting their manufacturer.

Here are some helpful information on how to wash cashmere sweater at home all by yourself.

Watch and ask any questions that you may have from here and we will make sure to answer you in detail before you actually start washing them.

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Thank you and enjoy your beautiful cashmere sweaters by JENNIE LIU, like millions of others who trusted us through the past 20 years.